Monday, 18 December 2017

The 11th Annual Meeting of Marine Technology 2017, organized by the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (H.I.M.T) at the Eugenides Foundation on the 12 & 13 December 2017, was successfully completed.

The Conference welcomed the President of Η.Ι.Μ.Τ. Mr. M. Mantzafos, the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Mr. P. Kouroumblis, the President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, Mr. G. Pateras, the President of BIMCO Mr. A. Papagiannopoulos, the President of the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association Mr. C. Simantonis, and the President of HELMEPA, Dr. G. Gratsos

The Annual Meeting honored with their presence executives and technical advisors of the shipping community as well as representatives of the Political and Academic world.

This year's conference entitled “Boosting Blue Growth: The Marine Technology Factor” focused on the Blue Economy, highlighting the important role of maritime technology in developing suitable technological solutions that will both contribute to the development of the various maritime economic activities and improve their environmental performance.

Scientific and research papers were presented while the attendees had the opportunity to be informed on product developments presented by Greek and European companies, of international scope.

Notably interesting was the discussion of the Round Table, "Towards the Autonomous Ship and Digital Shipping", in which members of the maritime community analyzed the trends, the obstacles and the future developments which are expected to affect the business model of shipping companies, highlighting at the same time the role of human factor.

The mini Round Table, focused on the use of Liquefied Natural Gas as a marine fuel and its prospects both globally and in Greece. At the same session the Marine LNG Network initiative was presented, concerning the establishment of a platform of systematic cooperation, that brings together marine LNG actors, both from the maritime and the energy sector.

The Annual Meeting of Marine Technology climaxed with a Gala Dinner 2017 at the Yacht Club of Greece, during which S. Hatzigrigoris was awarded with the H.I.M.T Award for his longstanding contribution to the progress of marine technology in Greece.


The Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (H.I.M.T.), is an independent, non-profit organization focused on scientific research in the marine field in Greece and worldwide.

It has been established in 1972, aiming at analyzing and expanding the new ideas and methods which lead to technological innovations in the maritime industry.

Its mission is to contribute to the advancement of maritime technology, by functioning as a platform of interaction among scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and the regulators of the field. The H.I.M.T. is a foretype organization, which has been kept detached from any political, labor or economic influence and has managed to gain its economic sources and therefore cover its expenses, mainly from its Members’ annual subscriptions, as well as from sponsorships by individuals, companies and/or affiliated Bodies which wish to support the booming of the nautical technology.

The H.I.M.T. is an affiliated member of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT), it has signed an Agreement of Cooperation with SNAME Greek Section and it is an Executive member of the International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM).

Every year, Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology organizes a scientific conference, the Annual Meeting of Marine Technology, a conference with associated events. This year, the Annual Meeting will take place on the 12th and 13th of December 2017 at the Eugenides Foundation.

H.I.M.T. boasts of the high scientific merit of its Annual Meeting and, at the same time, of having established the focal event in Greece for discussing technological advances relating to the Greek and international shipping, from innovation to practical application. Based on previous experience, this year’s event is expected to be strongly supported again by the maritime community, gathering experts and stakeholders from business, academia and the public sector.

In days of unprecedented crisis in Greece, maritime technologists and entrepreneurs have the potential to realise substantial contributions to the international shipping business through research, development, innovation and collaboration. H.I.M.T.’s Annual Meeting provides the podium for the presentation and unbiased discussion of new ideas and initiatives, fostering economic development in the country through the stimulation of activities in the marine/maritime technology sector.

The H.I.M.T. Annual Meeting is traditionally structured to include the following functions:

• A Technology Conference including also a Round Table Discussion,
• A Technology Exhibition,
• H.I.M.T.’s Annual Dinner and the H.I.M.T. Annual Prize award.


The thematic topics of the 2017 Conference have been defined as follows:

• Design and operation of ships and offshore units
• New and forthcoming standards and regulations
• New methods and technologies for maritime safety and environmental protection
• New technologies in the construction, conversion and survey of ships
• Ship propulsion and auxiliary machinery
• Technologies for the reduction of shipborne emissions - carbon footprint
• Novel marine fuels and lubricants
• Fleet maintenance and repair
• Current trends in the design of passenger vessels and cruise ships
• Innovative management methods for ship, fleet, cargo and port facilities
• Technological problems and solutions of the Greek coastal shipping
• Special purpose vessels (bunkers, rescue, tugs, research)
• Hybrid energy ship systems
• Shipbuilding repair infrastructures
• Technological developments in the design and maintenance of pleasure yachts

Round Table Discussion

This is a 3-hour debate selected based on the priorities of the Greek and international Shipping Industry. The Round Table Discussion is the highlight of the H.I.M.T.’s Conference. Theme proposals as well as contributions to the organization of the event from experts are highly appreciated.


In parallel to the Conference the Maritime Technology Exhibition will take place, aiming to promote the capabilities of the Greek companies in the development and application of new technological solutions for the maritime sector. This exhibition was firstly introduced to H.I.M.T.’s Annual Meeting on 2008 and it has received increasing attention by the Greek shipping community. It is considered as an event of high importance for the Conference. Companies who intend to contribute to the Exhibition should express their interest to the Institute’s secretariat until 15 September 2017.

Annual Dinner and H.I.M.T. Award

The Institute’s formal Annual Dinner will take place on 13 December 2017 after the end of the Annual Meeting Conference. During the Dinner, the prestigious H.I.M.T. Award for the year 2017 will be presented. According to H.I.M.T.’s rules, it is awarded to a person or organization distinguished in maritime technology, in recognition of significant contribution to the field of maritime technology.


H.I.M.T. warmly invite professionals who are involved in maritime engineering and consultancy, in the technical management of shipping companies, managers and employees of the public sector and of course entrepreneurs and academics, to participate and contribute to this year’s Annual Meeting of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology, ensuring that it will be a successful event for another year.
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