Safety Challenges for Maritime Transport from the Operation of Autonomous Ships:
How safe is safe enough?
N. P. Ventikos, K. Louzis, P. Sotiralis, National Technical University of Athens

Common structural rules (CSR) for bulk-carriers and oil tankers under the IMO's magnifying glass
P. D. Contraros, PDC Marine Consultants Ltd

A Comparative Study on Ship Performance Assessment based on Noon Report and Continuous Monitoring System datasets
N. Themelis, C. C. Spandonidis, G. Christopoulos, C. Giordamlis, Prisma Electronics S.A.

Estimation of Ship Performance decline over time, due to hull fouling and/or engine deterioration using Noon and Performance Reports and engine power calculations
A. Μ. Mouratidis, M. Ι. Foteinos, Ef. Ι. Τzanos, N. P. Kyrtatos, National Technical University of Athens

Comparative Assessment of Various Combined Propulsion Systems through a Frigate Mission Analysis
Roumeliotis1, Th. C. Zannis1, J. S. Katsanis1, E. A. Yfantis2, Ef. G. Pariotis1, N. P. Tsantoulis3
Hellenic Naval Academy (HNA) 1, University of Nicosia2, Hellenic Navy Officer3

Simulation of the Transient Operation of a large two-stroke marine diesel engine equipped with an Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGR) for NOx Reduction
D. Vlon, M. Foteinos, N. Kyrtatos, National Technical University of Athens

First-Law and Second-Law Analysis of Various Combined Propulsion Systems Coupled with Organic Rankine Cycles through a Specified Frigate Mission
Th. C. Zannis1, J. S. Katsanis1, Ef. G. Pariotis1, E. A. Yfantis2, I. Roumeliotis1
Hellenic Naval Academy1, University of Nicosia2

A power-split strategy for hybrid diesel-electric marine power plants
N. Planakis, G. Papalambrou, N. Kyrtatos, National Technical University of Athens

Assessment of Dispersants' Effectiveness in Different Oils Spills
D. Cheilari, V. Tsoukalas, F. Zannikos, Merchant Marine Academy

Generation and propagation of noise from cavitating marine propellers
K. A. Belibassakis, D.T. Iliopoulos, National Technical University of Athens

Smart Energy Meters in Ports: the case of the Port of Piraeus
Ch. Papadopoulos1, D. Papachristos2, P. Kofinas1, N. Nikitakos2,
University of West Attica1, University of Aegean2

Electrically-driven Day-Passenger Ferry, Implementing Rechargeable from Shore Battery Sets
Th. Kopoukis, A. Kopoukis, Ath. Kopoukis, Kopoukis Naval Architects-Marine Engineers

A life cycle assessment of all the electric ship: the case of a hybrid system with generators and fuel cells
N. P. Ventikos, E.A Stamatopoulou, D. Drivas, National Technical University of Athens

Investigation of Jacket Support Systems: Wind and Wave Energy Extraction
K. Chatziioannou1, K. Chatjigeorgiou2
University of Edinburgh1, National Technical University of Athens2

3D Printing and the maritime spare parts
E. Kostidi, N. Nikitakos, University of Aegean

Applications of "Scan to Bim" technology to offshore structures
G. Psaltakis1, M. Ioannou2, A. Margetaki2, M. Fostini2, A. Antonopoulos3
Landmark1, National Technical University of Athens2, All3D3