On Tuesday, May 8th , 2018, constituted the new H.I.M.T. Council in the following composition:  
President:          Mantzafos Michael, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, External Affairs Manager, HELLENIC LLOYD’S S.A.
Vice - President: Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos, U.O.M. Master Mariner,LLM (Soton) Hon. Consul General for Malta.
General Secretary: Grigoropoulos Grigoris, Professor of Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics LSMH NTUA, Dean of NTUA’s School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.
Treasurer: Vamvakaris Andreas, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer MSc , Vice President at Vamvaship Maritime S.A,
Council Members: Themelis Nikos, Phd in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Head of Performance Dpt at Prisma Electronics

Liapis Nikos, Dr. NTUA., Dipl. Mechanical Engineer N.T.U.A., Operation Manager «ELINOIL S.A.».

Polychronopoulou Eleni, Dipl. Chemical Engineer, Vice President «Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) SA.».
Substitute Council Members: Mitrou Panagiotis, Technology & Innovation Manager, South Europe Marine & Offshore, Business Development at HELLENIC LLOYD’S S.A.

Papapetros Adamantios, Dipl. Naval Architect M.Sc, General Director & Board Member at «BOGDANOS Marine Bureau».

Sigouras Apostolos, Project Leader at KPMG Greece & Director at ECOMASYN
Consultative Committee Chairman: Chryson Sarigiannidis, President and CEO at CS & Associates S.A
Auditing Committee: Vozikis George, Naval Architect– Mechanical Engineer, Executive Director at the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association (H.S.S.A.).

Cottrell George, Dipl. Naval Architect at «Euromarine Ltd».

Efstathiou Christos, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, Technical Director at International Naval Surveys Bureau .